Guangzhou Xu Lin Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. is a set research and development, production as one of professional cosmetics enterprises, quite reputation in the industry, engaged in research and development, professional and high efficacy type skin care products, long-term research development of high-end cosmetics and health care products for external use; strict according to national policies and regulations implementation management, positive enterprising, realistic and innovative. Strict implementation of the quality system at the same time by GMPC requirements organize daily production of the whole process, so that each a qualified acceptance of the products, in the market let consumers in different regions satisfied, to allow enterprises to win more consumers of all ages. Over the years, the company has been adhering to the....

Guangzhou Xulin Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. covers an area of 12000 square meters. The workshop environment is constructed in accordance with GMP certification standards. It has passed the GMPC certification and ISO9001 quality management system international certification. It has advanced production equipment and first-class production environment. Among them, the laboratory, raw material room, filling room, inner packaging material disinfection storage room and changing room all adopt 100000 class air purification standard, and other areas adopt 300000 air purification standard. It can effectively remove 99.97% bacteria and dust in the air, and ensure that all products are manufactured and packed in a safe and pollution-free environment. Using RO water treatment system, through reverse osmosis filtration and ultraviolet sterilization device, the medicinal water quality can ensure the best quality of the product; the vacuum emulsifying machine imported from Japan can vacuumize the product in the emulsification process to make the product luster present the best brightness, ensure the product quality is uniform, safe and reduce pollution. We have introduced the first class automatic sterile facial mask production line abroad, and realized the automatic production process of mask products such as cutting, folding, putting in bags, sterilizing - canning - sealing - entering Boxes - entering warehouses. Advanced detection system, purification treatment system, disinfection and filtration system, and complete micro inspection room and biochemical laboratory.